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Functional Programming Sydney

  • We are a seminar and social group for people in Sydney, Australia interested in Functional Programming.
  • We're interested in Clean, Erlang, F#, Haskell, LISP, Mercury, Ocaml, Scala, Scheme, and more.
  • We also have a contingent interested in theorem provers such as Coq and Isabelle.
  • Meetings are held on the third Thursday evening of each month.
  • The first meeting took place in February 2008 and we regularly get 20-30 attendees.
  • Anyone who is interested is welcome to come along.

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20th October

  • Shane Stephens - Optional Type Inference for JavaScript, and JavaScript Type Contracts, two crazy ideas from ICFP
  • Tom Sewell - Translation games in the land of the assembler
  • Tony Sloane, Introduction to Partial Evaluation (30-40 mins)

17th November

  • Eric Torreborre, (most certainly) The Essence of the Iterator Pattern
  • Raphael Speyer
  • Richard Garner, Dependent Types (longer talk)
  • Ben Sinclair

16th February

  • Eric Willigers
  • Speaker 2, Talk title (if known)
  • Speaker 3, Talk title (if known)
  • Speaker 4, Talk title (if known)