Past Meetings, 2018

101: 28th February

  • Josh Price: Top 10 Reasons we Chose Elixir
  • Sean Seefried: Complex Hidden Semantics in Programming Languages

102: 28th March

  • Tim McGilchrist: Either Error Success - why data types are cool.
  • Erik de Castro Lopo: Cabal, Stack, Mafia and Jenga.
  • Jed Wesley-Smith: Diversity in FP.

103: 26th April

  • Alexy Raga: Haskell IDE
  • Rohan Jacob Rao: Indexed types.

104: 23rd May

  • Amos Robinson: How to win your first Coq Fight.
  • Matt Brecknell: Propositions are programs!

105: 27th June

  • Coq Fight Night

106: 25th July

  • Erik de Castro Lopo: Haskell at Scale
  • Tim McGilchrist: Code reuse through polymorphic variants?

107: 22nd August

  • Jost Berthold: Deep Dive into GHC's Heap Data Structures
  • Ben Lippmeier: The Reflective Tower

108: 26th September

  • Guy Needham: Functional Data Engineering with R
  • Huw Campbell: Can you prove it? A tour of dependent types in Idris.

109: 24th October

  • Clinton Mead: Type classes in C#
  • Andrae Muys: Functional Modelling of Contractural Workflows.

110: 15th January 2019

This meeting had been scheduled for 28th November 2018, but the venue was available due to damage from a rain storm.

  • Gene Taylor: Inductive Graphs in Haskell
  • Ben Lippmeier: Types are Calling Conventions
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