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Past Meetings, 2017

90: 25th January

91: 22nd February

  • Erik de Castro Lopo: Hey Dude, Where's my Heap?
  • Louis Pan: Composable Glazier widgets with ReactJS
  • Amos Robinson: Sooner and later: schema specialisation with staged computation

92: 22nd March

93: 26th April

94: 24th May

95: 28th June

  • Coq Fight Night

96: 26th July

97: 23rd August

  • Amos Robinson: Merging Merges, more or less.
  • Rob Everest: Streaming Irregular Arrays
  • Sharif Olorin: Field guide to writing and using cryptosystems in Haskell

98: 27th September

  • Thomas Sutton: Tree edit distance
  • Tom Sewell: Monads for replaying proofs in Isabelle

99: 25th October

  • Ivan Miljenovic - I Streamed a Stream
  • Clinton Mead - Everything’s a functor. Everything is good when you’re a category.