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Past Meetings, 2016

85: 24th August

  • Mark Bradley
  • Amos Robinson
  • Rob Everest

84: 27th July

  • Conrad Parker: Dreambuggy
  • Tim Docker: TBA
  • Ivan Miljenovic: Hitchhiker Trees

95: 22nd June

  • Coq Fight Night

96: 25th May

  • Mark Hibberd: Price-Aware Scheduling
  • Thomas Sutton: Dynamic Programming with trees
  • Sharif Olorin: Herbie: What to do if you can't stop worryng and hate floating point.

83: 18th April

This month's meeting moved forward (again) to avoid clash with LambdaJam.

  • Sean Seefried: Writing a game in Haskell for Android
  • Jost Berthold: Yet another DSL for financial contracts - the story behind it.
  • Tim Gilchrist: Freer Monads, More Extensible Effects.

82: 23rd March

  • Ben Lippmeier: Don't substitute into abstractions.
  • Barry Jay: Programs as data structures in the λ-SF calculus.
  • Liam O'Connor: Practicing what you preach: Design of principled Haskell software.

81: 24th February

  • Manuel Chakravarty: FP principles in GUI programming in Swift.
  • Conrad Parker: FPGA Design with CλaSH
  • Mark Greenway: How I learned to stop worrying and love the floating point numbers.