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Past Meetings, 2015

80: 25th November

  • Sam Reis: Hash functions as Monoid Homomorphisms
  • Tran Ma: Cargo Cult Complexity Testing
  • Andrew Cowie

79: 21th October

  • Eric Torreborre: Data Generation; the hard parts.
  • Dom de Re: Adjoint Functors, mathspeak for 'Two sides of the same coin'
  • Yutaka Nagashima: Proof automation with monads.

78: 23rd September

  • Raphael Speyer
  • Tim McGilchrist: Lightweight higher-kinded polymorphism.
  • Andrae Muys: Semiotics and the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Logic Programming in Schema Management

77: 26th August

  • Sharif Olorin: Approximate streaming quantiles: a case study in Haskell.
  • Boey Maun Suang: A brief tour of typed racket.
  • Trevor McDonell: Type-safe runtime code generation: Accelerate to LLVM

76: 24th June

Coq Fight Night

75: 22nd July

74: 27th May

73: 22nd April

72: 25th March

71: 25th February