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Past Meetings, 2011

39: 20th October

  • Shane Stephens - Optional Type Inference for JavaScript?, and JavaScript? Type Contracts, two crazy ideas from ICFP
  • Tom Sewell - Translation games in the land of the assembler
  • Tony Sloane - Introduction to Partial Evaluation (30-40 mins)

38: 8th September

(This meeting was moved a week earlier due to conflict with ICFP)

  • Paul Steckler: A discussion of Oleg's article on how impredicativity breaks type soundness in Haskell.
  • Mark Wotton: The Complete Idiots Guide to Template Haskell.
  • Ben Lippmeier: Unhygenic letregion and the region phase change in DDC core part 2.

37: 18th August

36: 21st July

35: 16th June

34: May 19th

33: April 21st

32: March 17th

31: February 17th

  • Gary Miller, Spreadsheets and Functional Programming
  • Paul Steckler, Memories of Type Systems Past

--: January (no meeting)