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110: 23rd January

111: 27th February

  • Barry Jay: Computing with Trees not Numbers
  • Jed Wesley-Smith: Why "Names Don't Matter" Matters

112: 27th March

  • John Ky: Parsing JSON with SIMD in Haskell (and C)
  • Rob Howard: JavaScript and FP

113: 24th April

114: 22nd May

  • Mark Hopkins: Dependent Types Made Difficult
  • Erik de Castro Lopo: Recent Developments at IOHK

115: 26th June

  • Huw Campbell: Nix package manager for easier collaboration and development
  • Tim McGilchrist: Row Polymorphism in Action: How you can mix OO, FP and not end up with Scala

116: 24th July

  • Geoffrey Huntley: Watch me format my wife's computer.
  • Amos Robinson: Program-carrying Proofs in Coq: using tactics for dependently typed programming.

117: 28th August

  • Sam Roberton: Reflex-FRP in practice.
  • Andrae Muys: Intermediate level DAML development.

118: 25th September

  • Michael Sproul: CakeML for the working programmer.
  • Erik de Castro Lopo: Haskell with PostgreSQL