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Past Meetings, 2013

59: 16th October

58: 18th September

  • George Roldugin: Functional Computer Music
  • Maun Suang Boey: Shen: It's Lisp, Jim, but not as we know it.

57: 28th August

  • Julian Gamble: Simulation testing with Datomic
  • Tom Sewell: Things I've learned about SAT
  • Shane Stephens: Generating a Functional API for Web Animations

56: 24th July

55: 26th June

54: 29nd May

53: 24th April

52: 27th March

  • Erik de Castro Lopo: Persistent and Esqueleto
  • Eric Torreborre: Kiama, a walk down the beach
  • Liam O'Connor-Davis: Type Theory is Proof Theory

51: 27th February

--: January (no meeting)