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Past Meetings, 2012

18th October

  • Eric Willigers: Red-Black trees in Idris
  • Tim Docker: Haskell coding interactively with Hint
  • Ben Lippmeier: Ott: Effective Tool Support for the Working Semanticis

48: 20th September

  • Raphael Speyer : JoCaml Illustrated
  • Andrew Cowie : The web problem, and solving it in Haskell
  • Thomas Sewell : Calculating over loops using a tool that can't

47: 16th August

  • Erik de Castro Lopo : Kicking the Tires on Yesod
  • Karl Roberts : Trying to go from lambda to useful with simple translations
  • Tony Sloane : Profile-based Abstraction and Analysis of Attribute Grammar Evaluation

46: 19th July

45: 21st June

44: 17th May

  • Trevor McDonell : The Current status of Accelerate
  • Raphael Speyer : Unix programming in OCaml
  • Tim Docker : Abstract Composable GUIs

43: 19th April

  • Ben Lippmeier, Recent changes to the REPA API
  • Tom Sewell, Binders and manipulating higher-order functions
  • Eric Willigers, The SKI Combinator Calculus

42: 15th March

41: 16th February